Running late …quick nutritious breakfast

If you are one of those kinds who run late to reach workplace and have to leave home in a hurry. Then this blog is for you. Here I show you how quickly you can have some nutritious protein and carbs rich breakfast which will keep you full for a long time.

Firstly keep the eggs for boiling while you take your bath or do usual morning activity (this will save your time…multitasking u see :P)..eggs hardly take 15 min to get cooked. Eggs are rich source of protein almost 6 grams in each egg. They also have loads of Vitamin B and antioxidants. I find two eggs a day in breakfast, without fail, keeps me full and energetic.

Secondly I will pour in a cup of hot milk and some serving of muesli (you can opt for your favorite cereal like cornflakes, oats etc). These cereals are usually good on a hurry day. Remember not to add extra sugar over it as most of the store brought cereals  have sugars in them. If you have time, while you heat milk add in simple oats and cook for 4-5 mins and add your honey for low calorie cereal mix.  These cereal take care of your carbs and give you energy for work ahead.

Thirdly I go with a fruit generally banana (or apple). A banana is mostly best for me as I can have it on my way as well :).

Last but not the least I pair my breakfast with dry fruits. Generally I will have cashews, almonds, raisins, figs and dates for my daily dose of antioxidants.


This is a nutritious breakfast and is ready in five minutes. I hope you liked my suggestion. Let me know wat are your breakfast essentials. Happy eating 🙂


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