Healthy protein rich lunch rajma

For those of you who think indian cooking is difficult or those of you who think indian food could only be either delicious or healthy and never both..I am sharing my recipe for rajma or kidney beans cooked in indian style. This recipe can be prepared from scratch in just half hour. Also if you always though that indian dishes could be cooked only in bulks …this recipe is sufficient for solo lunch as well. rajma or kideney beans are rich source of plant based proteins and is sometimes refered as poor man’s meat :D.

So lets get started. Here I am sharing recipe which is good enough for a single serving. You could double or triple up as you may require. First here is the list of ingredients:-

  1. one onion diced
  2. three to four cloves of garlic
  3. small piece of ginger roughly chopped
  4. half a tomato
  5. one teaspoon cumin
  6. one teaspoon mustard
  7. half a cup of low fat milk
  8. one cup of boiled kidney beans (rajma)
  9. one teaspoon turmeric
  10. one tablespoon coriander powder
  11. one teaspoon garam masala
  12. salt to taste
  13. one teaspoon ghee

First dice up your onion, garlic, ginger and tomatoes


After the chopping is done. Heat ghee in a pan.


Add cumin and mustard and allow them to splutter for a minute.


Now add onions, ginger and garlic. You could also add ginger garlic paste here but I would recommend adding fresh ingredients and they hardly take any time to prepare.Saute them untill onions turn slight brown.


Next add your turmeric and coriander powder and saute them for a minute.


You can add water if the masala sticks to pan. Add tomatoes and stir them untill tomatoes turn soft. This should take 10 mins.


Add your boiled rajma to the tomato mixture. I would usually soak the rajma the night before and by the time I get ready the next day I put them on boiling. The rajma is fully cooked when it could be mussed down between your fingers.


Now let it simmer for 10-12 mins and then add your low fat milk. You could also add cream for best results. To prepare it more traditionally boil the rajmas with more water and add the whole amount in the mixture and let it simmer for half an hour or longer to get all flavours intensed up. Though 10 mins will do good enough. IMG_20170216_201913.jpgIMG_20170216_201940.jpg

After 10 mins your rajma curry is done.Add garam masala at the end and turn off the stove after 5 mins. You can serve this with rice or chappati (flat bread).


This is a very hearty meal. You could also make in large volumes and freeze to serve next day.

I hope you would love this recipe. I found this recipe to be immensely healthy. For a cup of kidney beans you get 15 gms of protein which is very good. For your information people we are supposed to eat protein in grams as much of our weight in kilograms So this recipe does take care of your protein content specially if you are vegan.

Let me know what you think of this recipe and also if you try this recipe.  Happy healthy eating 🙂